Back to Basics: Ceramides

When your skin barrier is compromised, what is the one ingredient you can rely on? 


Ceramides are fat or lipid molecules that makeup approximately 50% of the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin. Essentially, they are the building blocks of the skin and play a significant role in the skin barrier’s health.

One way of understanding how the skin works is to think of it as a brick wall. The skin cells are the bricks that make up the wall's structure, while ceramides are considered the cement that holds the bricks together. Together, they fight to protect and maintain the skin. 

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What do ceramides do for the skin? Here are some benefits:

  • Prevents transepidermal water loss
  • Blocks out environmental aggressors
  • Keeps the skin healthy and supple

Although ceramides are a natural component of the skin, ceramide levels tend to decrease over time with age and with sun damage. This contributes to the physical aging of skin cells.

But, these lipid molecules can be restored through the use of topical ceramides, which is the incorporation of ceramides in skincare products. 

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When looking at ingredient lists, you can find ceramides under an assortment of names: Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP, Ceramide NOP, and others. These variations stem from the differences in its molecular structure. Ultimately, they all serve to strengthen your skin barrier.

Because of its benefits and how it’s a critical component of the skin barrier, ceramides are found in a wide selection of skincare products. 


This serum is packed with 5 different ceramides: Ceramide NP, Ceramide NS, Ceramide AP, Ceramide ACE, and Ceramide IP. This combination of ceramides maximizes the effect this ingredient has in repairing the skin barrier and in keeping the skin hydrated. 

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Real Barrier Extreme Cream

Especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin, this rich cream helps strengthen and fortify weakened skin barriers. Real Barrier revitalizes the skin through its Multi-lamellar Emulsion Technology, a formulation of lipids that mimic the skin's natural structure.

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Ceramide-containing sunscreens provide additional protection to the skin barrier. Formulated with Ceramide NP, Isntree’s Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel simultaneously keeps the skin healthy and protected from UV rays. 

Ceramides won’t be able to clear all of your skin problems. But, what it can do is set a healthy foundation for your skin in keeping it balanced. 

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