About Us

Welcome to BAZZAAL BOX, where beauty meets influence, and every box tells a story!

An Extension of BAZZAAL

BAZZAAL specializes in connecting beauty brands with influencers, creating genuine collaborations, which form the foundation of BAZZAAL BOX.

Free Global Shipping

I know, it sounds too good to be true. We offer FREE Global Shipping. Not to mention we offer more than 60% off for the beauty boxes, you can get them with free shipping. Check out our shipping policy for more details.

100% Guaranteed, Verified Products

Authenticity is our promise. Our products come directly from Korean brand headquarters, ensuring 100% verification. Trust in the legitimacy of BAZZAAL BOX.

The Ultimate K-Beauty Box

In-house and influencer-curated, our boxes deliver the best, most popular products in dynamic combinations. No subscription required—elevate your beauty routine with BAZZAAL BOX – where curated perfection meets affordability.

Our Mission

Connecting Beauty with Influence

At BAZZAAL BOX, we are on a mission to provide affordable and exciting product testing opportunities for those who are already passionate about beauty or just embarking on their skincare journey. Our goal is to create a bridge between brands and influencers, fostering a space where beauty enthusiasts can easily access and enjoy the latest products. Beauty should be an inclusive experience, and we are committed to making it accessible to everyone.

What Sets Us Apart

Authenticity in Every Box

What makes BAZZAAL BOX stand out is the genuine collaboration between beauty brands, influencers, and their audiences. Our brand partners love sharing their latest products with influencers who, in turn, share their favorite finds with their dedicated audience. This symbiotic relationship ensures that every product featured in BazzaalBox.com is not just a beauty item – it's a recommendation from someone who genuinely loves and believes in it.

How It Works

Connecting Beauty with Influence

• Beauty Brand Partnerships:
As a sibling company to BAZZAAL, we build strong relationships with beauty brands, fostering trust and collaboration for dynamic partnerships.

• Influencers at the Heart:
Our Influencers are at the core of what we do. They curate boxes filled with their favorite beauty products to share with their followers.

• Sharing the Love:
From unboxing experiences to honest reviews, our customers love sharing the joy of discovering and using their favorite beauty products.

For Beauty Enthusiasts, Influencers and Brands

Beauty Enthusiasts

Discovering Beauty
in Every Box!

Customers can discover new beauty favorites at an affordable price with BAZZAAL BOX. Our beauty boxes are curated by influencers they trust, ensuring they get the best of the best. They can treat themselves to a delightful beauty experience and upgrade their beauty game with BAZZAAL BOX!


Showcase Their Expertise,

At BAZZAAL BOX, influencers can shine a spotlight on their passion for beauty. They can showcase their expertise with a carefully curated selection of beauty products that their followers will love. The best part? Influencers get to collaborate with brands they adore, leaving all the tedious logistics to BAZZAAL BOX.


New Opportunities
for Their Brand!

BAZZAAL BOX is the gateway for brands to increase brand exposure, new customers, and established credibility through influencer partnerships. Brands can join and not only gain exposure but also receive valuable market research insights that can shape the future of their products.

Benefits of BAZZAAL BOX


Unlock the opportunity to explore the latest and most innovative beauty products.

Free Shipping

Receive free expedited shipping to over 100 countries.


Outstanding affordability with a package of 6 or more products, totaling up to a $200 value.

Personalized Selection

Carefully curated assortment of Korean beauty products, thoughtfully selected by trusted reviewers and beauty influencers

Exclusive Access

Gain exclusive access to Add-Ons, featuring over 100 new beauty products with massive discounts up to 80% off.