Brand Highlight: AMUSE

Looking to achieve that seamless, Korean makeup look? AMUSE has got you covered!

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AMUSE is a leading K-beauty brand based in Seoul. Check out their IG page here.

AMUSE offers beauty products that feature clean, vegan, and environmentally friendly formulas. Their products are all certified by France’s EVE VEGAN, an agency known for its strict criteria among global vegan certification organizations. They stand by the belief that "only the products created in happiness can make our lives joyful."

In the future, they aim to extend its values to our daily lives to establish a new vegan beauty life that's all about the brand's joyful attitude.

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Check out the best from AMUSE! These products can be purchased for a discounted price as add-ons!

AMUSE Dew Tint

Achieve an effortless kiss of color with Dew Tints. Infused with 35% water and uses the triple structure of water-oil-water to create a fresh, light, and dewy texture that adheres to your lips and doesn’t move. These dewy vegan lip tints will create a glistening mood-up effect to match any vibe. 

These can also be found in Karen's Baby Soft Skin!

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