Brand Highlight: Deeom

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"Contains the vitality of the Soil"
Deeom is a skincare brand that cares about preserving the environment and creating products that reflect the beauty of nature. Created with the inspiration of high-nutritive vegetables that feed on the nutrients in the soil, Deeom's philosophy stems from sincerity, the energy of soil, and research of balanced skin.
Deeom's goal as a trusted brand is to provide products that are safe for everyone while preserving the nature we gather ingredients from. With nutrients that come from the roots, Deeom is a brand filled with nourishing essence.
As a way to create high-quality and high-effective products, they source all their ingredients in South Korea using special local rare materials. Deeom's products truly are a warehouse of nutrients driven by incorporating the healing properties of nature with special formulations.
deeom mud pack cleansing foam
Deeom Mud Pack Cleansing Foam
This cleansing foam uses charcoal powder and mild mud clay to gently reduce impurities and provide cleansing care. This mild mud contains 10% Kaolin and Amino Acid surfactants that emulsifies into a rich foam. It also contains vitamins from Beetroot, Fig, and Purslane Extracts to heal the skin and guarantee skin hydration.
Made for all skin types, this gentle cleanser is made with sensitive skin in mind by being fragrance and color free as it excludes 20 cautionary ingredients and has completed a hypoallergenic test.
deeom mud black head clear stick
Deeom Mud Black Head Clear Stick
This mask stick reduces impurities of blackheads and dull skin by offering smoothing benefits. It's a blackhead treatment and sebum care all-in-one. The stick applicator makes it easy to apply while glycerin, betaine, beetroot extract, and cypress leaf extract work to calm the skin. Charcoal, being the main ingredient, works to draw out blackheads and sebum sticking out of the skin.
It's suitable for sensitive skin by being fragrance and color free, and has also completed the skin hypoallergenic test. 
If you ever have skin congestion, you can try out these products for clearer skin!
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