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SIORIS skincare

Sioris is a clean cosmetics brand that strives to bring customers the freshest, safest, and most effective products. The name originates from the first letters of simple + original, meaning "the simple way to harness the freshness of nature"

Like many of you, we have fallen in love with the company’s approach to skincare. We had the opportunity to interview the founder of Sioris, Isaac Han, to learn more about his background and the brand. 

SIORIS, Isaac Han, Skincare

There are many things to love about Sioris, especially the names of the products. Can you provide some insight on how these names came to be?

I wanted to make a special name that shows the characteristics of each product. I sometimes read English novels or pop song lyrics. We sometimes have an idea contest with our staff and vote to decide the name.

You've been in the cosmetics industry for over 10 years, how did this shape your understanding of skincare and eventually lead to starting your own brand?

I’ve been in the cosmetic industry since 2009. I learned about organic cosmetics brands in Europe. I was impressed by not only using natural materials, but also considering product containers, animal experiments, and the environment. The texture of organic cosmetics doesn't feel good compared to regular cosmetics because it doesn't use petrochemicals. However, I think the ingredients are more important than the function of the product because cosmetics are absorbed into our body. These ideas were reflected in the brand philosophy when preparing for Sioris.

Isaac Han, sioris, skincare, founder

The brand places a huge weight on clean, organic, and seasonal ingredients. Why was this important for you, as a founder, to incorporate into the brand?

Cosmetics are generally close to chemistry and science, but cosmetics are like food to me. We use dozens of cosmetics on our bodies everyday. No company is responsible for the long-term effects of cosmetics. So we have to protect ourselves. 

Sioris emphasizes ensuring the manufacturing date of raw materials is recent. Could you explain why this is important?

Customers only check the manufacturing date of finished products, but dozens of ingredients in cosmetics also have expiration dates. Sioris tries to make fresh products by checking the manufacturing date of the raw material. The raw materials harvested in season are extracted and used as the main ingredient. There are two main reasons for using fresh ingredients. First, we can control the origin of the raw material and the timing of the harvest. Otherwise, we do not know where the raw material was grown or when it was harvested. Second, as time goes by, the effectiveness of raw materials decreases.

The Sioris team has personally visited organic farms and worked closely with farmers. Is there anything that surprised you while visiting?

If we find new ingredients, we usually visit the farm. It is very difficult to do organic farming in Korea because the profits are low. When we visited the balloon flower farm recently, the farmer said that she had a lot of concerns about where to sell it. Sioris wants to help organic farmers make profits and expand organic farming in Korea.

Which Sioris product would you recommend to a skincare beginner?

Milk cleanser, Mist, and Enriched cream are recommended for dry skin, and Foam cleanser, Essener, and Calm me down cream are recommended for oily skin.

Sioris, skincare, essence, dry skin

SIORIS My First Essener

Can you give us any hints about new products coming to Sioris?

We are going to release a renewed cleansing oil in the end of November. In January next year, we will release body wash and body cream. It is important to use good body care products because it occupies the largest area of our skin.

Is there any advice you could give to other brand owners looking to step into “clean beauty?

Sioris is also working for Clean Beauty, but it's not in the final stages yet. It is good that more brands are interested in ingredients and the environment. I hope it's not a temporary trend but a continuous campaign.

Sioris, skincare, sustainable packaging

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