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At BAZZAAL we have the pleasure of collaborating with influencers to provide you with beginner-friendly, curated skincare packages, namely BAZZAAL Box. Our influencers hand-pick, high-quality, but affordable products that work for you! 

It is finally summer and with the intense heat and jubilant activities, we just know you are going to want to wind down when necessary. So we decided to give you the pleasure to relax with our new June box curated by Soo: Soo’s Soothing Box.

Soo is a Korean-based YouTuber with over 300k subscribers, where she reviews Kbeauty products. Moreover, Soo started her skincare brand 'Soo Good Beauty' and now has an array of popular skincare products. 

Let’s start from when you first became an online content creator! It’s been a few years now since you have been working as an influencer. Can you tell us about how you started your YouTube channel and what inspired you to join the online skincare community?

I started way back in 2015 when YouTube was still not a big thing in Korea! But because I had already been watching big YT stars like OG Michelle Phan and Kathleen Lights, I thought I could do YT for fun! Growing up with harsh parents, I had always done things that would please them and never something for myself. So, I thought, 

why not? It just seemed like a fun thing to talk about the things you love! Even though it started as a hobby, as I kept on doing it, I fell in love with the creative process and how you could interact with so many others around the globe. Granted, there were moments when it felt scary and overwhelming at times, but up until this point, everything I’ve experienced has been so

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You just celebrated the first anniversary of your very own beauty brand, Soo Good. Can you tell us a bit about your journey as a founder? 

Straight off the bat, I can tell you, I never expected it to be this hard!!! Most people don’t get to see the behind-the-scenes; all they witness is pop! a new product has been developed! Because of this, I think it’s really easy to assume that the process might not be as arduous as it is! But! The feedback has been so rewarding and has made everything worth it! Celebrating 1 year of Soo Good made me realize how lucky I am to have had all of this support! I truly owe everything to my subbies :) 

What do you love most about what you do?

I love the creative process that comes with creating videos and letting my creative juices flow! I also love getting the chance to dive into different studies and educating myself with skincare knowledge. Of course, interacting with my subbies is the best thing about this job :) 

How do you decide which brands to partner with? What values are most important to you in a brand partnership?

First, the product has to work for my skin! That is, of course, the most important thing! And because I am only human, the interaction I have with the brand also influences my affection for the product. There was a time when I got threatened by a brand because I gave a “bad” (honest) review and obviously, I no longer support them despite their products performing well. But otherwise, the quality of the product and how genuine the brand is, really affect the decision. 

What are your top tips for creating content that stands out from the rest?

Nowadays, I think you have to be observant. Especially with TikTok and short-form content, the key is to be able to pick up on things that in other people’s eyes may be something so obvious and translate that into something short, fun, and catchy! 

Can you share with us your skin type and your main skin concerns? While curating this box, what was your main focus?

I have so many concerns it’s not even funny haha! But for this box, I wanted to share products that worked great for me and ones I knew my subbies were keen on trying out! The common denominator of the products that are in this box is that they are all so calming and suitable for sensitive skin. Ever since the mask mandates, even though they have been lifted somewhat, most people are facing sensitivity, including myself. So I had no choice but to work with products that would prioritize protecting and strengthening my skin barrier. 

What is your favorite skincare “trend” as of now in South Korea?

Right now, South Korea is really big on health/beauty supplements whether it be collagen or vitamin C. I have a very holistic take when it comes to skincare so this trend aligns greatly with what I believe in. Skincare is great but it’s not a miracle worker; what’s more important is how you take care of yourself on the inside! I’ve always emphasized this on my YT videos - to the point where my subbies got sick of it - but good sleep, stress relief, healthy eating habits, and working out are way more important when it comes to taking care of your skin. If you take care of yourself and your body as a whole, that will translate to your skin and show through! 

Has the pandemic changed the way you approach your skincare, makeup, and self-care rituals?

OMG Yes! Especially the masks!!! They have utterly destroyed my oh-so-already-sensitive cheek areas.

Soosbeauty soossoothingbox bazzaal bazzaalbox

Tell us something that people may not know about you?

I’m really tall (173cm) but also really scared of heights haha!

What is one thing you have accomplished in your career that you’re extremely proud of and do you have any specific goals for 2022?

I think just the fact that I never gave up on myself and my YT channel has been the biggest accomplishment. Even though this is everything that I wanted for myself, there were times that made it difficult for me to continue with the same amount of fervor. But still, I never gave up and I am so proud of myself for that. 

For 2022, I’m trying to keep up with the Z gen, so growing my TikTok is one of my top priorities!!! EVERYONE, PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON TIKTOK lol @soobeauty814

You can find Soo's curated box on our website.

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