Hanbang Beauty: Traditional Korean Medicine

Hanbang refers to the use of herbal prescriptions and formulation techniques based on Traditional Korean Medicines or TKM. Traditional Korean Medicine focuses on a more holistic approach and views the human body as a system of interconnected parts that need to be rebalanced. It is said that when a person is healthy their body is in perfect balance, whereas when they’re sick their bodies are considered off-balanced. Hanbang products are not classified by skin types, but by the “patterns of disharmony." Overall, the main goal of Hanbang skincare is to rebalance the skin to promote its self recovering power and combat anti-aging.

Types of Hanbang Products

  • Hanbang-Inspired 

These skincare products are processed in a modern way like most cosmetics, but still, incorporate some Hanbang herbs into the formula.

  • Traditional

These products contain the traditional herbal remedies and are formulated and processed following authentic principles of Traditional Korean Medicine(TKM).

How is it Made?

As mentioned above, Hanbang skincare products are formulated in two different ways mainly due to how the ingredients are processed and the tools used to formulate the product. Using either plant, mineral, or animal origins to create the products, it is important to know that the quality of the material matters extremely. The quality, how it is processed, and the input ratio, highly effects the bioethics content of the natural ingredients making it either authentic Hanbang or Hanbang-inspired.


Many popular, high-end brands highlight the use of Hanbang herbs in their products. Sulwhasoo is known for its anti-aging serums, intense fermentation process, and increased use of Korean ginseng. 

Sulwhasoo researchers concluded that the extraction process should be similar to the way the herbs are prepared for medicine, so the team slowly boils the ingredients used for skincare products, for at least 18 hours!  Additionally, they implemented an intense fermentation process so that they can further enhance the beneficial components of the ingredients.


Their Concentrated Ginseng products, such as the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum, have strong anti-aging properties which help with replenishing and strengthening the skin barrier in just 7 days! 


Are you looking to get into Hanbang skincare, but don’t know where to start? Check out this Hanbang Inspired product that we have available in the “add-on” section of our website.

This serum created by the popular Beauty of Joseon is a Hanbang-Inspired product that is formulated with ginseng and snail mucin. Ginseng is filled with antioxidants to help with fine lines and wrinkles, while the snail mucin evens the skin tone and reduces hyperpigmentation.

To learn more about this and other skincare products, check out our website here.

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