K-Beauty Secrets: Coffee Eye Mask

In need of a quick coffee pick me up? Well, you’re just in luck as we have a new beauty secret that has been taking over TikTok: Coffee Eye Mask. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can make this eye mask, its benefits, and our BAZZAAL product recommendations!

How do you make the eye mask? 

Before we get into the benefits of this eye mask, here is a quick recipe as to how to make it.

  • 2 tsp of coffee grounds (either or is good)
  • 1 tsp of honey (optional: can also use plain yogurt)
  • A couple of spoonfuls of warm water (make sure it’s warm, not hot!)

Mix all the ingredients until it creates a paste. Apply a thin layer underneath your eyes and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Once the time is up, be sure to gently wash away with lukewarm water.

What are the benefits of this eye mask? 

While drinking coffee is a great morning booster, it also has numerous benefits for your skin, especially when used topically. Applying this mask under your eyes can help reduce puffiness, as it contains caffeine that stimulates blood flow and helps de-puff the area. Additionally, it’s also known to have antioxidant properties that can help fight free radicals (molecules that damage your skin) and prevent premature aging. 

Coffee is also a natural exfoliant and can help remove dead skin cells, making the skin smoother and brighter. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce redness, making it great for people who have sensitive skin. 

What are some dupes if I don’t have time to make this mask? 

If you don’t have the time or the ingredients to make this mask, don’t worry! Here are some BAZZAAL product recommendations for dark circles. 

KLAIRS Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel

KLAIRS Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel

This gel-like eye serum is packed with caffeine to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and de-puff tired eyes. It also contains antioxidant-rich tea extract and copper peptides to promote a healthy-looking eye area. After cleanser and toner, gently apply a small amount under the eyes until absorbed. Be sure to avoid rubbing and tugging but use a dabbing motion into the skin. Finish up your routine with a moisturizer. 

KLAIRS Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter

KLAIRS Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter

This eye butter is designed to restore balance and radiance to the eye area. Rich in vitamins A and E, thanks to sunflower seed oil, it offers protection while peptides help improve fine lines. The soft butter-like texture ensures quick absorption and leaves your eyes looking healthy and revitalized. For use, apply towards the end of your routine and gently apply a small amount around the eyes and lightly pat to absorb. Finish up your routine with a moisturizer. 

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