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Since Thanksgiving is around the corner, it can mean many different things to people. For some, it means coming over and spending time with their family. For some, it can mean knowing the best deals for your favorite places. In this blog, our BAZZAAL LA team will recommend their favorite products in favor of this Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! 

BAZZAAL LA Team Recommendations: 

Before we get into our recommendations, here is a quick breakdown of our Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales! 

  • Trial Kit Order = Sachets
  • 1 Box order = Klairs Trio
  • 2 Boxes = Benton Soothing Gel (+Klairs Trio)
  • 3 + Boxes = Kijibae Pouch, 1 set Kijibae Nails + Mirror travel size (+ Klairs Trio & Benton Soothing Gel)

Chloe (CEO):

Kijibae Nail Strips- “Love You Berry Much”

Sure, the skincare and makeup products that we have in our Jooshia box are top-tier, but have you tried the Kijibae gel nail strips? When asking our CEO, Chloe, she states, “I LOVE fruit nails! But also it’s a great DIY nail product for my busy schedule when I can’t go to a nail salon, but still have that look”. 

ROUND LAB Birch Juice Moisturizing Sun Cream 

From our EuniSoo box, another recommendation that Chloe has is the Round Lab Sun Cream. There’s a reason why this has gone viral over TikTok, Chloe, states, “It’s so moisturizing, no white cast. It’s also great for everyday sunscreen and makeup as well”. 

BENTON Shea Butter and Olive Hand Cream 

Hand cream may seem out of the blue for a top pick, but to Chloe, it’s a must-have. According to Chloe, “This is my favorite hand cream. When I lived in Korea, this was my go-to hand cream from Oliveyoung. So moisturizing!”. 

Lily (Social Media Manager):

ETUDE Glow Fixing Tint #02 Mellow Pink

Taking this from our Jooshia box, our social media manager, Lily, recommends this lip tint! In her words “It’s a perfect base shade to apply before applying a darker tint in the middle for the gradient lip tint look”. 

ROUND LAB Birch Juice Moisturizing Sun Cream 

From our EuniSoo box, another team member's favorite is the Round Lab Sun Cream. Its smooth consistency acts like both a moisturizer and sunscreen that “works so well under makeup and helps my base makeup look clean and smooth”, according to Lily. 

BENTON Honest Scalp Nourishing Tonic Ampoule and Scalp Brush Massager 

From our most recent BAZZAAL Box drop, the “grow & glow” box, Lily recommends the paired set of the Benton Scalp Tonic Ampoule and its scalp massager. As Lily states, “This ampoule makes your hair feel so smooth and the massager feels so amazing after a long day of work”. 

Jen (Marketing Associate):

ETUDE Curl Fix Mascara #01 Black 

Another top recommendation from our Jooshica box is the Etude Curl Fix Mascara! There’s a reason why there are so many reviews on this mascara, but to put it into words Jen states, “It’s waterproof and holds up on my lashes all day!”. 

BLIVU Collagen Bouncing Serum Pad 

Taking from our EuniSoo box, Jen’s recommendation is the Blivu Collagen Bouncing Serum Pads. According to Jen’s skincare routine, she states that she “doesn’t use it often, but on the days that I need to hydrate my skin, these are my go-to”. 

BENTON Scalp Tonic Ampoule

Another fan favorite from our “grow & glow” box is the Benton Scalp Tonic Ampoule. Along with similar words from Lily, Jen states, “After using it a couple of times, I noticed my scalp has less dead skin build-up”. 

Alissa (Marketing Associate):

ETUDE Curl Fix Mascara #01 Black 

If we can tell you one thing about this mascara, we would say that this mascara is just that girl. When asked about her pick, Alissa states, “I’ve honestly tried so many mascaras over the past two years and very few have kept my lashes up, and this mascara is one of them”. 

107 SOSEO VinBiome Viatmin C Serum 

One thing about Alissa’s skincare routine is that she always includes some type of Vitamin C serum. “I honestly love how luxurious this serum feels and knowing the full retail price, makes me realize how good of a deal this is! I only need a couple of drops and I’m good to go.”, says Alissa. 

AROMATICA Rosemary Root Enhancer

 Exrensive hair care has been and (we think) will always be trending within the beauty community, especially when it comes to the use of rosemary. One of Alissa’s top recommendations from our “grow & glow” box is this root enhancer, as “the cooling sensation on the scalp feels so refreshing during the application and after showering”.

We hope our product recommendations inspire you to try them out as well as the rest of the products during our holiday sale! 

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