Spa Day with EuniSoo

Looking to unwind but unsure of where to begin? Well, look no further as EuniSoo is releasing a spa day themed box that will help you destress from all your responsibilities while also giving your skin a glow! Ranging from a collagen serum pad to a moisturizing sun cream, this box will give you the ultimate spa experience!

Spa Day Essentials: 

I’m From Mugwort Gel Cleanser

Begin your relaxation journey with this gel cleanser! Watch as it transforms from a soothing gel into a satisfying foam upon contact with water. Packed with a generous 60% concentration of Ganghwa-sourced mugwort extracts, it effortlessly cleanses sensitive skin, washes away makeup, sunscreen, and debris while promoting balanced sebum levels.

107 SOSEO VINBIOME Vitamin C Serum

Indulge your skin in a pampering spa experience with this rejuvenating Vitamin C serum! Its 15% Vitamin C and the signature VinBiome blend along with aged vinegar are filled with abundant amino acids that cover your skin’s barrier, enhancing its natural moisture and promoting a radiant glow. 

Blivu Collagen Bouncing Serum Pad 

Give your skin a boost of hydration during your spa stay with this serum pad! Filled with collagen, 12 peptides, and 17 amino acids, these serum pads aids in your skin’s texture and elasticity. Each single sheet will show changes in skin improvement through instant skin hydration, elasticity, and irritation-soothing effects through the soft fabric of the pads.

Mary & May Idebonone + Blackberry Complex Intensive Cream

Rejuvenate after a fulfilling and relaxing day during your stay with this cream! Infused with 63% Blackberry Complex, Idebenone, and a blend of 5 Ceramides and Phytosphingosine, it locks in moisture, while its velvety texture provides intense hydration. It gives your skin a luminous and even-toned complexion.

Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Sun Cream

Finish off your skincare during your retreat with this sun cream! Derived from the Birch Tree Sap, it indulges your skin with minerals, enzymes, proteins, and antioxidants as it removes inflammation. This multitasking cream forms a moisture-rich shield against dryness while offering sun protection, making it the ultimate laid-back treat for all skin types.


 Spa Day with EuniSoo Box (link)


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