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Workshop & One Day Class

Have you ever wanted to sit down and learn how to make furniture? Or go to a cafe where you can not only have a great cafe latte but shoot bow and arrow?

Not every country has as much opportunity and options to learn and try so many new things as Korea, especially in Seoul. 

Those who are interested in Korea have most likely seen and heard about the ring making cafes before, but if you haven’t. The most popular workshop cafes used to be couple ring cafes where couples (and singles) could sit down with a piece of metal and leave with personalized rings. And cafes like these have been diversifying! If we would walk out on the street of Seoul we could look to my right and find a board game cafe, look to my left and try pottery. We could look on Instagram and find out about a one day painting, cooking or woodworking class. It’s all within our reach and if you’re in the right area on the right day, we’d even say you could follow two to three classes in one day. And oh boy what amazing souvenirs and/or presents you’ll have! 


At BAZZAAL we are currently obsessed with the various one day pottery classes in Seoul. There are a great variety of styles and ages of people that teach you how to make your own cup. Some people prefer old traditional Korean style pottery, some people like cute modern cups and plates with colorful scribbles and swirls, your options are vast and your fingers are craving to knead that clay! There are also already a number of English-speaking YouTubers that have ventured into the world of arts, crafts and an influx of serotonin derived from making and tangible objects by yourself, and all have had amazing reactions, and what is not to love? Nobody would be mad at having an extra cup, especially when it is made with love. 

Our second favorite are the painting cafes and classes and there’s a different experience for everyone. Would you like to master a certain style and learn techniques or would you rather do a paint-by-number like ‘class’ where you’re sitting for only two hours while you’re sipping coffee with your gal pals? It’s all possible. 

It might have to do with being in your teens and twenties, or encountering a lot of times you’re staring at your phone realizing there’s nothing you can really.. be updated on or do this quarantine. But the feeling of boredom and wanting to just do something or make something arises; and that’s when creativity can kick in; and we at BAZZAAL become hungry to try new things. And in Seoul it is possible. The ‘craziest’ workshops and classes we have been able to find are woodcarving, making neon signs, making full-on - huge - terrariums, and last but not least making Dutch Coffee (also known as cold brew).

So we really encourage you to start looking for workshops for your next trip or stay in Korea! A lot of these workshops are not stores or cafes but are classes given by artists and creatives in their own studios. Check out the Instagram tags or even Airbnb experiences, and try Naver! If there is anything you’d like to learn you will 100% be able to find a class in Korea, just look for it!

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