K-Trend: Vegan Food in Korea

Vegan Food in Korea

No matter if it’s because it’s your lifestyle, you’re on a health kick, or if you just enjoy having a vegan meal every now and then; At one point you’ll want to go to have some vegan food in Seoul. But where to go? Seoul is a city for carnivores, but over recent years we’ve gotten more and more options that are completely or mostly plant-based, most of them you’ll probably know! Veganism and eating healthy is a trend that’s still going strong here in Korea, and although it might not always be for the right(est) reasons (read: diet culture) Because of this trend you’ll find more and more salad bars and vegan bakeries, even vegan/ vegetarian options at restaurants!  

The foreign community is especially excited about vegan food here in Seoul, from Megan Bowen’s ‘Healthy Eating’ book, Oatly coming to Korea, Casa Corona having vegan burgers to enjoy while listening to some suave music, to the yearly Vegan Festal in May. There’s so many options and delicious stuff, you can’t not try!

We’ve collected some of our favorite vegan places around Korea, take your pick! Pro tip: A lot of tourists hang around Yeonnamdong, Mangwon and Hongdae, these areas have a lot of ‘hidden’ vegan or vegan friendly places: Take a look at happycow.net for a list of vegan and vegan-friendly options in and around Seoul! 

Chez Valerie in Mangwon

Chickpeace in Gangnam

Plant in Itaewon

Around Green in Mangwon

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