Why You Should Add Tone-Up Cream to Your Morning Skin Routine

Those new to the K-Beauty world of skincare might be wondering what the heck tone-up cream is. When I first heard about tone-up cream, I found the name of the product a bit strange…So, you’re telling me there’s a cream that makes me whiter??? In the beginning, I was very reluctant to try it out, but after educating myself about what “tone-up” actually means in Korean skincare products and the benefits of use… I caved in. 

What does “Tone-Up” Mean?

Before understanding what tone-up cream is, we must first understand what “tone-up” means. Products that are considered as “tone-up” mean that they clarify the skin overall—balancing and brightening the skin as well as fighting hyperpigmentation and discoloration. There are a variety of different tone-up products from eye cream that reduces the look of dark circles to base primer that balances the skin tone in order to properly prep it for foundation. When using tone-up products, you must keep in mind that they are the last step in your morning skincare routine! Tone-up products are usually tinted makeup products, so it is very important to keep in mind that you should wash your face before going to sleep. 

The Benefits!

There are so many benefits to adding tone-up cream to your morning skincare routine!

  1. Pores: Minimized 

    It contains ingredients that tighten your pores, smoothing out and transforming your skin’s complexion to have a plump and clean texture.

  2. Brightens Complexion

    It fixes dullness and discoloration, providing a brightening effect on your overall skin tone. Some ingredients that contribute to its brightening effect are niacinamide and fruit extracts. While tone-up cream brightens the skin, it also works hard to blur blemished areas.

  3. It’s Lightweight!

    For my oily-skinned girlies: Since tone-up creams have a lightweight consistency, they prevent skin problems from arising! Its lightweight consistency helps to prevent pores from getting clogged, rather than leaving your face feeling sticky.

  4. No-Makeup Makeup Look!

    If you’re like me with a busy schedule, putting on a full face is a BIG no-no.

    Instead of waking up extra early to get my makeup done, I skip all of that. Then get an extra hour of sleep in, and only apply tone-up cream with SPF before going out to start my busy day.  I know some of you may feel like only putting tone-up cream is not enough, so feel free to add other steps to your no makeup-makeup routine!

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  • Tammy Teer

    Thank you very much for educating & showing me how and what products are helpful for my skincare routine.

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