To create a personalized experience between Influencer and their audience, BAZZAAL partners with influencers to discover and personally select your new favorite products.

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Why Shop Bazzaal?

We, Savvy beauty consumers, are always looking for something new. These days, we usually get the information through influencers we truly believe in. When influencers recommend the products they love, we have the urge that we want to buy everything they recommend.

BAZZAAL provides a platform where influencers can curate the most exciting brands into their personalized box, offering exclusive deal only for you to shop for a limited time.

Enjoy our amazing deal that you’ve never experienced at your favorite influencers’ online boutique!

How it Works:
Influencers curate a box with products they know and love from the hottest beauty brands. Each product/bundle is sold at a fraction of standard retail price, but they’re only sold for a short window of time, as quantities are limited.